Hoff-Lovers Unite: Knight Rider the Movie!

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David Hasselhoff lovers opgelet! In navolging van de Miami Vice movie die deze zomer in de bios te zien is, is ook de Knight 2000 weer onder het stof vandaan getrokken. Er zijn namelijk plannen om Michael en KITT te verenigen in een nieuwe bioscoopfilm over Knight Rider, de productie hiervan zou volgend jaar moeten starten.

Het is echter nog onduidelijk of Hasslehoff een rol zal spelen en of William Daniels de stem van K.I.T.T. weer zal inspreken…

Dit is overigens een mooie gelegenheid om jullie wat essentiële info over The Hoff (AKA David Hasselknock) mee te geven. Naast een acteercarrière waar menig soapie jaloers op kan zijn heeft David ook zijn zangkunsten weten uit te buiten. Kijk voor de grap eens bij de reviews op amazon.com onder zijn CD-single “Looking for freedom”. Een paar quotes wil ik jullie niet onthouden:

  • “Hasselhoff is singing from his soul – and, just like a ninja, there’s no stopping him! Not that anyone would want to stop him. He’s the best ninja singer in the world.”
  • “This album hits new heights in the cheese department. I thought it could have been Cheddar when I bought it but I discovered that, in fact, it was rotting Brie.”
  • “I was looking for freedom and I found it!What can I say Dilbert Hasamullets done it again.”
  • “I literally found things in my pants that I never knew were there after first giving this gem a spin. Lovers will delight in when Davidhoff puts on his nylons and croons for his pet hamster “Mark” with a genuineness and sincerity that reminds one at times of Ted Bundy.”
  • “When Uncle Juergen sent me this CD from Germany, I put it on the boom box — and it hasn’t been off since. This album totally rocks! And my parents love it to.”
  • “Hello, my name is Rocko, I am a hair stylist who lives in New York!. I describe myself as a keen observer of the anatomy of men. I just want to let you know that if you simultaneously play this CD right after Mel Gibson screams ‘freedom!!!!!!!!’ at the scene of the battle of Stirling in the movie ‘Braveheart’, you will experience an unprecedented syncronicity between the two that will blow your mind away and make you open your shirt until you show the World all your chest hair; it is a pink and psychedelic experience!… Also, if you play this record backwards, you will hear the voice of David Hasselhoff reciting the lyrics of Toto’s classic ‘Africa’.”

Voor de liefhebbers heb ik hier nog een slordige 980 reviews over David met ongeveer dezelfde strekking.

Dit is mijn laatste artikeltje voor vandaag, ik laat jullie nu even alleen met deze quotes. Succes dit weekend!

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Oh ja, en check dit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mgb98qsdPo

Panda Rider!
autoblogger tis een weis filmpje hé
kijk es op http://www.mastermovies.nl/indexx.php?p=voiceover9 en dan bij nicht rijder,,,die is ook leuk=)
I’ve been looking for freedom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ys-cQdu1P4
Haha, er staan weer wat nieuwe reviews op amazon, check this:

– Let me try to use a metaphor. This album is the sum of the following three experiences: reaching the end of the Internet, touching the face of God, and eating Sour Patch Kids without cutting the roof of your mouth. It is an anthem that speaks to all generations, and a prayer for those who don’t know David Hasselcock is “Hotter than Rock `n Roll” to quote a song called “Hot Shot City” (which is particularly good).

– There is craft, and then there is true art. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Picasso, Kandinsky, they were all excellent craftsman, but David Hasselbutter, he was an artist my friends. Every note, every word from Hasselnutz’s lips is like an exquisite painting, a look into God’s very eyes. This is music for the soul, music that will inspire you to do great things. The song “Hot Shot City” is particularly good.

– I vividly remember when I first heard this CD. It was a black time in my life, and I had been contemplating suicide. Music had lost all savour for me. And then I heard this album. The blissful arrangements! The rapturous melodies! The captivating voice! The cool foreign languages! (Je t’aime means “I love you”! Who knew?) Without exaggeration, I can say that this was the album that pulled me back from the brink. How could I leave a world with such music in it?

All the songs on this album have their own distinctive quality, and are beautiful in their own right. No doubt everyone who listens to it has their own personal favorite. For me, though, the song that resonated the deepest was the sixth track: “Hot Shot City”. Something about it just touched my soul. David Shmasselhoff’s CD is beyond amazing. It is divine.

and so on… ;)

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