En de tweede gecrashte ToyoScioBaru is een feit

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Heb je eindelijk de sleutels van je Scion FR-S (het Amerikaanse broertje van de Toyota GT86 en de Subaru BRZ) gekregen, probeer je een bocht te nemen met de tractiecontrole op 'OFF' terwijl je dat eigenlijk niet kunt. Komt die paal!

Toyota & Subaru hebben een scheurijzer neergezet dat ook zeker in de VS al een trouwe schare fans kent. En daarbij: aan de overkant van de grote plas begint deze 200 pk sterke driftjongen bij $24.930. Da’s net even iets minder dan de 40k voor een GT86 op gele platen.

De FR-S in kwestie behoort toe aan een lid van FT86club.com, en deed daar uitgebreid verslag van het ongeluk. Hieronder het hartverscheurende relaas van de 24-jarige die ‘m tegen een telefoonpaal parkeerde:

Hey everyone.

I’m the idiot that crashed the FR-S. Not really sure where to begin, so I’ll start with how it happened.

I was on my way to lunch with a coworker. There’s a right turn I’ve taken a million times over the past 4 years that’s very wide and has huge visibility, and I would sometimes get on the gas a little in my B16-swapped CRX through the turn. I never went over the speed limit, and I only did it if there was absolutely no one else around. Being a FWD, the front tires would break free a little and it would make the turn a bit more fun. Well, before leaving work I decided it would be a good idea to turn off the traction control and try something similar in the FR-S. That was my first mistake. I entered the turn at about 20mph, and halfway through it I got on the gas and I honestly can’t remember exactly what happened after that. I remember being extremely surprised and then all of a sudden I was careening for a telephone pole, and then bam. I don’t even think I hit the brakes. I must’ve hit the clutch pedal at some point because the car was still running when I stopped. Both airbags deployed. My passenger said he didn’t even touch the airbag, I grazed it a little bit and it felt like I got hit in the face with a soft pillow. I must’ve been going 15-20mph at the impact. I couldn’t believe how much the car just crumpled. I just looked at it and sat on the ground. I can’t even describe to you the feeling of seeing it like that. I just wanted to cry.

I’m 24 years old, been driving since 16, and this is my first accident/ticket. I was ticketed for “failure to maintain reasonable control”, which honestly was extremely generous given the circumstances. I feel like the world’s biggest idiot. I feel like I’ve shamed myself and done a huge disservice to the community. Sorry just doesn’t say enough. I swore I wouldn’t be one of those guys everyone was saying would do something stupid and wreck the car and drive up the insurance rates. Now I’m not only that guy, but it seems I’m the _first_ guy. Not exactly the best way to make an impression. I want you guys to know that I truly feel awful about the whole thing. I am truly sorry for letting my fellow FR-S owners down, and through making a complete ass out of myself, I feel I’ve learned a valuable lesson, albeit a hard one. I know some of you (a lot of you) will hate me, call me an idiot, tell me I shouldn’t have even tried anything like that on a public road, etc. And I agree with you 100%. I made a stupid, stupid, irresponsible choice, and now I’m paying for it. I don’t think any of you can hate me more than I hate myself.

I hope I can stand as an example of what can happen even at relatively low speeds when you’re being stupid. Please for the love of god don’t be me. Drive safe, keep traction control on on public roads, and don’t try to be Ken Block. Unless you are Ken Block, in which case, keep being awesome.

Zo, die heeft spijt. We hopen voor hem dat zijn achterwielaangedreven speeltje snel weer op de weg rondrijdt. En nu het liefst met de tractiecontrole aan. Oh, en de eerste crash was trouwens met dit glijmonster.

Met dank aan Martijn voor de tip!